About the Artist


A self-proclaimed 'Perfectionist ' inspired by the delicacy of detail in life. Julia works in a realistic style capturing the raw beauty of the animal and its environment. Showing an intimate look at nature, colourful energetic pieces allow her artwork to embrace contemporary and traditional styles.

Countless watercolour marks painted in delicate gradations and shades with a variety of brushstrokes create the wonderful three-dimensional qualities in every painting, working hard to give each portrait an individual expression. The importance of studying each animal - the anatomy, fur / skin type, colouring, characteristics, behaviour, and learning about their natural habitat surround. Julia fuses these elements into every picture and enjoys the challenge of applying them to the chosen medium, showcasing the beauty and spirit of an individual.

The life and living of a wild animal interacts to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts. We must save our animal kingdom and their homes in which they are most impressive. Recent paintings express a more dynamic approach, playing with colour and movement, giving the animal light and shade to design their own journey exploring very differing natural environments.

'...Watercolour as a medium (for painting) has a great strength yet subtle vulnerability that allows the delicacy of life to be portrayed...'

Julia has sold artwork to private collectors locally and internationally, and has recently completed her first book cover illustration. Represented by Haddon Galleries at Torquay, you can find original artworks and her first selection of limited edition prints.

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