Wednesday, 13 August 2014

FINISHED *Snow Leopard Painting*

Presenting ' CAVE DANGER ' snow leopard cub

' CAVE DANGER ' snow leopard watercolour painting
original 12" x 8"  

Finally here is the high resolution scan of my latest snow leopard cub painting! Strangely, this is actually the first painting I've done where the subject is staring out at the viewer. I wanted to portray a hidden vulnerable cub but also a youngster eager to explore, therefore her body is half in the shade and half peering out towards the light. This also balanced the light and shade of the composition beside the strong diagonal and shaping. I didn't want any detailing attracting away from the cubs gaze so the rock face and interior cave have a more impressionistic approach. I pushed the paper to the limits of wet on wet, manipulating the watercolours granulation effects and stains, creating a mottled appearance suiting the rough rock face perfectly!

I used a very limited colour palette hoping this would reflect the harsh conditions for a wild snow leopard, as always my favourite big cat! Thanks for reading :) Jules

Thank you Mikion for kind use of your fantastic photography


Mike Attwood said...

Thats one beautiful painting Julia.

Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

Thank you so much Mike :)

Animals Asia France said...

Wonderful work. Congratulations

Unknown said...

The eye gaze of this snow leopard cub leads to view directly to his face,bery characteristic of you pictures.

hmuxo said...

She's beautiful...Outstanding portrait, Julia!!!!

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