Saturday, 12 April 2014

FINISHED *Mountain Lion painting*

Presenting ' THE HUNTED ' mountain lion / puma / cougar / panther

' THE HUNTED ' mountain lion watercolour painting
original 12" x 4" 

I was going through my portfolio and remembered this mountain lion painting I started 2 years ago! My heart was never completely in it at the time, but I had a sudden urge to complete him. I decided to crop the initial painting to just the eyes, drawing attention to the power and poise of the mountain cat. I hope you like the new outcome, I am much happier with this crop and think it captures strength and uncertainty.

This mountain lion may have his eyes fixed on his next hunt, but who is hunting who? Habitat destruction, roadkill, poaching, poisoning and primarily trophy hunters are killing more mountain lions today than at any other time in our nation's history. Wildlife biologists know mountain lions are vital and invaluable. They are a keystone species playing an irreplaceable and complex role on the landscape, existing in low densities and are self-regulating which means they control their own population size in balance with the ecosystem without the need for human intervention. Why would one kill something so magnificent and call it a trophy?

Thank you Steve Tracy for allowing use of your lovely reference :) Jules

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