Wednesday, 19 March 2014

NEW tiger painting

This is the start of my new painting! I have recently been doing some sketching of body shapes and movements to make for an interesting painting and this is my first in a long line of full figured cats - some will have interaction and some will travel alone. 

You can make out the outline of where the other tiger will be pouncing to the left of the picture. After playing with the background I felt inspired to work with a limited colour palette to paint the fierce Ranthambhore sun. There is still much to do but I thought you may like to see what I'm working on!

Here are a few very quick minute sketches, looking at movement, perspective, getting the feel of body contours and angles, it's really important to sometimes move back from the close detail to study your subject anatomy and movement - their tail is so expressive and paramount for balance and precision!

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