Friday, 13 September 2013

FINISHED *Snow Leopard painting*

Presenting ' SILVER ON GOLD ' snow leopard

' SILVER ON GOLD ' snow leopard watercolour painting
original 12" x 8"

'Silver on Gold'

Snow leopards have a thick dense coat with dappled shades of grey, yellow and cream colouring with black rosettes giving them the perfect disguise amongst their natural habitats rocky terrain, this including the Altai mountain ranges of Mongolia. Altai means the "Golden Mountain", so I decided 'Silver on Gold' as an apt title, setting his silvery coat and glowing eyes against a frosty golden background.

Sadly RANSCHAN died before I started painting this picture of him, therefore this is my tribute to such a handsome cat. Ranschan had a playful character, always looking for the next game of hide and seek, acrobatics or statues! A very persuasive cat especially at meal times, before being found draped in the crook of his favourite oak tree sleeping.

 In his memory, he will forever remain the ghost of the mountains.
Thank you Nicky Hofland for your generous permission to use your photo :)


Mike Attwood said...

Beautiful creature, My favourite big cat.

Unknown said...

Are you selling this and if yes, how much does it cost?


Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

Thank you, Rakhee the original is available from Haddon Galleries, please contact the gallery for information at

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, they're my favourite animals. Flighty xx

Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

Thank you Flighty :) my favourite too! Jules

Paschalis Dougalis said...

This is awesome Julia! Every post a delight!


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