Tuesday, 5 February 2013

FINISHED *Snow Leopard painting*

Presenting ' FALLEN WHISPERS ' (Love Bites) snow leopard

' FALLEN WHISPERS ' (Love Bites) snow leopard watercolour painting
original 16" x 9"

I've now finished my latest snow leopard painting :) I've seen photos of this old regal male for a while now and was just captivated by his rugged dishevelled appearance, he is so full of life with his aged face (23 years old) complete with battle scars and matted wet fur. I loved this image of him looking inquisitive and almost cheeky and youthful, this lead me into the idea of the backdrop for him. A very masculine old male softened by the pretty colours that are picked out in his fur colouring / nose and eyes, with falling snowflakes to bring the piece together as a whole.

The proportions of the piece are always very important to me, this includes the colours / spatial arrangement and awareness. Balance was brought into the piece using the base foliage and even the snowfall. The head positioning within the 'window frame' is also important, these are things I consider before I start the picture.

I've chosen the title 'Fallen Whispers' for this piece, I wanted to dedicate it to all the wildlife we lost in 2012 through the greed and heartless crimes of humans. We are their voice. Wildlife conservation and protection is needed more than ever as numbers of endangered wildlife plummet. Please do all you can to help these causes - some of which can be found on my 'links' page above.

A huge warm thankyou to Steve Tracy for use of his photo :)


Paul Shenton said...

Stunning says it all

Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

You're very kind thankyou Paul :) Jules

Unknown said...

This is precisely that i try; to send pictures in any fundations or wildlife art organizations, because here:making a big oil or acrylic works in Spain and Catalonia and other European neighboring countries its like a professional prison for me.Felicitations for the snow leopard portrait!.

Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

Thankyou Marc :) good luck with your work, Jules

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