Saturday, 26 November 2011

NEW amur leopard painting

Hello All, here is the start of my beautiful new amur leopard - the most critically endangered big cat (approx. 35 left in the wild). Here eyes are probably the most difficult I have painted with regards to colouring however I am very pleased I have worked so hard to capture every colour I can see. The background will complement the leopards colouring, having some darker colouring added a bit later which the fur will blend into.

Most leopards are rarely found in cold or high-elevation environments, but instead live in the savannas of Africa where populations are relatively stable. However, the Amur leopard, a rare leopard subspecies, lives in the temperate forests and harsh winters of the Russian Far East.

They are threatened by:

  • unsustainable logging
  • forest fires
  • land conversion for farming
  • poaching for the illegal trade of their unique spotted coats


Maria's Watercolor said...

love seeing your work in progress, this one looks to be amazing!

Julia Ruffles | wildlife artist said...

thankyou Maria, she ceratinly is a challenge! Jules

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