Thursday, 22 September 2011


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Let's celebrate the beauty of this world, today is the second annual world rhino day! Calling for an end to rhino poaching, as it threatens the survival of the species. Do NOT let these magnificent creatures fall!

Extinction is not an option! At the root of the rhino crisis is the myth that rhino horn contains curative properties. For that reason, World Rhino Day 2011 is highlighting efforts to debunk the myth and eliminate the demand for rhino horn. The demand for rhino horn has created a very high value for horn which makes slaughtering rhino a very financially attractive option for organized crime syndicates and their foot soldiers. This demand is based on the entirely false belief that rhino horn has incredible medicinal properties. The tragedy is that, apart from ruthless rhino horn trafficking cartels lining their pockets, nobody benefits from rhino horn. It is in fact compacted hair (keratin) and has the same medicinal properties as your own fingernails or hair - which is none whatsoever. Rhino, as a species, are under threat because of greed and ignorance. We aim to change that. World Rhino Day 2011 is a team effort led by Zimbabwe-based Chishakwe Ranch and US-based Saving Rhinos LLC.

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