Saturday, 23 July 2011

NEWA exhibition


(Please be aware that the above images are taken from the NEWA website, not the 2011 exhibition) 

I've had a great day going around this years National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (NEWA). Considering the recent weather it's been a lovely day today, the journey from Leicester took us approx. 2.5 hours and we had a good drive up in the sunshine. We finally arrived at Gordale Garden Centre which in itself is a great large shop to walk around with some great garden essentials and wonderful gift / food ideas. My heart was beating excitedly as we made our way down the ramp to the large open area set up for the exhibition.

Even though I had already seen photos of previous years I was still amazed at what a wonderful exhibition space it was. The natural light flooded in the room from all directions, all artwork was professionally spaced with plenty of thinking time between viewing. Pictures / sculptures were balanced and complemented next to one another, and an exhibition catalogue allowed you to match numbers against pieces for names / prices and medium used.

I started from left to right across the outer wall and immediately saw my elephants 'Carbon Copy' placed next to one of my favourite graphite artists Julie Rhodes. I was so excited to see my work sharing the walls of such splendid inspiring artists :) please do visit the online gallery if you are unable to make it to the exhibition as you'll be blown away with the talented artists on display. I had already studied the online gallery before seeing it in real life as I love to view differing and similar styles of work especially wildlife art, and the quality of a real life picture to an image on the computer screen - there is no comparison!

I walked around and studied every piece close-up and far away. The extraordinary use of differing mediums and techniques was hugely varied. I especially enjoy looking at artworks that are totally different to my own. Overhearing a compliment toward my lemur painting put a big smile on my face too! I did notice a large amount of bird pieces with a percentage of these sold too - a subject matter that I've yet to tackle. A firm favourite of mine within the show was Angela Cox the beautiful fusion of watercolour / gouache on colour papers, stunning colour palettes and intricate details was phenomenal. An artist with passion for her subjects and a great understanding of her favoured mediums.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos of the exhibition however as we were leaving I managed to catch Marion, the event organiser, a thoroughly lovely lady whom which had helped me via email with my application. Each year Marion (any many others!) hard work and dedication allows the exhibition to be a success with beautiful arrangement and curation of the pictures. I expressed my excitement about exhibiting and how humbled I felt to be part of such a prestigious event with such talented artists. I sneaked a couple of photos next to my pictures for personal enjoyment and treasured memories. I will of course also treasure seeing artists work who inspire me and push me beyond my boundaries and as ever appreciate the stunning wildlife we share this world with.

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