Monday, 20 June 2011

cub progress

Just a quick update on progress today. I noticed after getting so engrossed in teaching myself fur techniques that I had neglected the overall image itself and especially his eye was looking a bit wonky, therefore I've spent sometime working up the markings on his face to make sure the positioning is correct. It is important to remember that when you are working with furry animals their fur direction and markings all add to the contours of their face/body, when one can't always see the structure underneath.

You can see from his eye that you cannot always lift all the pencil once it is on the paper, luckily these parts are darker but do consider the lightest areas and be careful where you apply the colour and how hard you press down onto the surface. For this particular picture I am streadily drawing around the whiskers to keep those pure paper.

Surprisingly I am thoroughly enjoying doing the fur in pencil, sometimes autopilot can kick in when repetition occurs however each pencil stroke excites and inspires me to keep fresh eyes on my subject (it also helps when you have such a cute model!)

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